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On A Mountain Peak

This was as well one of the absolute peaks of my journey to Norway this summer. I had done my first climb up to Preikestolen. But I felt I wanted to go even higher, before the sunset. I went higher and off track. Then I saw there was a couple who was having a tent […]


Ett Lekande Barn Video

I created this Music Video five years ago when I released my album Mitt Hjärtas Enkla Sång. This song is about how we can forget who we are when we grow up into adulthood. But that there is still a playing child within. (“Ett Lekande Barn” translates to “A Playing Child”). The video footage is […]


A Rainbow Appeared

I thought I was done for the day. I had been out the whole day hiking through hills and woods. The sudden rainy weather had forced me down from an incredible viewpoint, almost directly after I had reached it. I didn’t really manage to capture the photos I wished for. I was ok, cause it […]